We got microchipped so we can go outside again

Thursday 09/22/22
@Blind Pig with Towner, Truman, and Warlock's Grave
Human Skull playing at Fuzz Fest 6 at The Blind Pig




cover art - human skull the wait skull art

The Wait

Cassette and digital release September 2022

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cover art - human skull spent skull art


Cassette and digital release May 2021

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cover art - black and white marbled paper abstract shapes.

Take a Lifetime

Vinyl digital release July 19, 2019. One sided!

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cover art - bauhaus-esque angled layout with cloudy texture

The Penny and the Ball

Cassette and digital release July 2018

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cover art - flower arrangement on wood planks

Self Titled LP

Digital release April 2016

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Demo cover art is pen drawing of a super evil face making billy idol's sneer with DEMO spelled on the teeth.


A handful of handmade CDRs, June 2014

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Formed in Ann Arbor, MI in 2014, Human Skull is a purveyor of classic rock songwriting played too loud and too fast.

Singer/guitarist Joel Patrick Parkilla proposed forming a rock band with local knuckleheads Stefan Krstovic (drums) and Brent Barrington (bass) with a purpose - to write some very loud, usually noisy, occasionally wistful songs, and play them fast. Their sound is as subtle as you'd expect from a band named Human Skull, but underneath all that distortion is a bit of heart-of-gold rock reverence.


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